Marcopol / strona główna



Dedicated production services:

  • Production of fasteners for individual orders, starting from 1 piece. In this titanium, brass
  • Threaded rods cut to size
  • Scrolling ropes and chains
  • Hardening
  • Protective coatings: Geomet, Zintec, Delta Seal
  • Special coatings - blackening in oil; painting, coating pre-applied Loctite
  • Optical sorting machines - 100% quality

Additional services at the packing station:

  • Completing sets of various ranges of own production as well as customer products
  • Label printing according to customer needs
  • Packaging according to customer needs
  • Automatically studded nail plugs (dimensions ⌀6 and ⌀8)Marcopol - satisfied customer

Information Systems Integration

Due to the long-term experience and cooperation with numerous customers we can offer our Partners complete or partial integration of the ERP information systems used by the Customer and Marcopol. Such a way of automation of the supervision over stock and products’ usage processes reduces the cost to a minimum.